Those that follow my exploits as a photographer, know that I shoot many many genres. I’d love to say I just shoot portraits or just photograph weddings but that just wouldn’t be me. This makes things a little more tricky when I get asked to recommend gear as my kit bag can be rather fluid should we say and trying to nail down one thing to recommend isn’t easy.

Each shoot demands different kit and thus brings me to my quest to carry as little as possible on any given day. Something the MagMod system has enabled me to do when switching from shooting real estate, headshots to products all in the same day. I just need a few MagMod flash mods and bam I got my work done and my clients are happy. Little fuss and little gear needed.

Saying all that there are times when I need a bigger softer light source that the MagSphere and alike just cant produce, now I had a cheat already made for it where I would place a MagSphere into an S-bracket and attach an Elinchrom softbox. This gave me the light I needed but I had to mount the MagGrip onto the flash etc and the set up was a bit fiddly to say the least. Not to mention MORE gear to carry.

enter the magbox

To get nice soft well wrapped light my regular softbox of choice would be either the 53″ Jr Rotalux by Elinchrom or its deep dish cousin of the similar size. Anyone who has worked with these know the building of them is a bit of a pain.

With the new Magbox that problem goes away, since I’m already using the MagGrips on my flash they pop into the rear mount (no s-bracket needed) AND it can take TWO flash heads, yippee, more PPPOOWWWEEERRR to overcome the burning midday sun and banish shadows from your subject. Another handy feature is that the Magbox can slip in gels as well, which makes for great sky background drama with the supplied CTO gels etc.

MagMod being MagMod have also made a range of speedrings to fit most big brand strobe heads as well so if you want to use your Elinchrom Rangers then you can do super easily too.

double diffusers

Also you can add in two new diffusers which can give either an overall softlight or one which wraps the light in a more controlled way. One is called the Focus Diffuser the other which is the wider spill version called the Fabric Diffuser.

Again this could have lots of applications from headshots to beauty sessions and product photography, of course you can throw this in for wedding photography too which I have no doubt will be super popular to that group of photographers.

So this means I can carry one softbox that does two different looks without the need for a grid, again lightening my kit bag, the fact I can strap two flash heads means I have to worry less about losing a few stops of light when creating images with the Magbox.

MagMod FocusDiffuser

MagMad Magbox / Softbox Sample

In this image I used the MagMod Magbox to through light through the window of this Lotus Esprit to light the model and wrap the light around her with the help of a small 4 inch reflector to bounce some light onto her body going back in the other direction. For this shot I used the deffuser only which helped to soften the AD200 flash heads to the effect as needed.

As you can see the light wraps very well and was ready in a snap.

feature video

You can view about MagMod’s new MagBox and other accessories that are almost done on Kickstarter in this handy video.

Be quick and back the project here on MagMods Kickstater page which ends today. If you have missed the project, don’t forget you can buy direct from MagMod (at some point) on their website here.


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