Why Hire a photobooth for your corporate event

Corporate Photobooth for Hire in new york

Photobooths are two a penny these days and can be found everywhere with all kinds of configurations. However many need a lot of maintenance and training to be able to be left in a corporate environment or with high passing public footfall.

With so many to choose from and the problems they bring, WHY HIRE A PHOTOBOOTH FOR YOU CORPORATE EVENT anyway ?

There are a tonne of reasons why you would want to hire, I suspect if you are reading this you are a director of events or an event planner of some-kind. If that’s the case lets look at a few great reasons why a long term hire could prove dividends.

Client Interaction

With a photoboth such as our Pixel Mirror Photobooth you can engage with the client with custom graphics and alike. Not only does this bring interest but also a point of interest for them to talk about.

The word spreads and clients will return to your booth and bring others with them as the event progresses or even your promotion takes hold. Giving them a customized keep sake as well can reinforce your brand or message.

Data Analytics & Remarketing

Who, Where and When. A few of the great bits of data you could collect from email and name collection during the process of giving a free experience to your clients or potential clients. Of course we would encourage you to be upfront about the data collecting feature but your company will benefit from the re-marketing opportunity the corporate or commercial photo-booth hire will bring.

The longer the hire the more data that can be collected.

Images can be stored locally as well giving your company instant marketing material.

earn money

After all we are all in business to make some money, well a corporate photobooth can do just that. With some technology know-how your company can charge a small few to use the photobooth that’s been placed in high traffic areas such as a theme park, shopping mall or even a in beauty related shop such as a hair salon or fashion clothing store.

Doing so means the hire can pay for itself with little or small outlay after the hire has completed.

if you would like to learn more about our very own corporate photobooth then just click the button below.


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Thank you for shared this information. It’s really useful!

You’re welcome, hiring a photobooth for events has a lot of benefits to commercial and corporate companies.

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