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Westcott Omega Reflector 360 (40")

Mother of all reflectors

I have been using reflectors as my go to for fill light forever and have been stuck with cutting holes into many of them for shooting through and filling back-light. Why would I do such a thing when I can just hold a reflector over my camera ?

Well the answer is two fold, firstly using a reflector with a hole, certainly true of round reflectors is that you get a beautiful catch light in the eye. Secondly having the light source coming almost direct off your camera above and below the lens removes shadows almost completely, if your into portraits then it gives a ring light / beauty dish effect really well.

So having used this technique for macro and portraits I was keen to try out a product I wouldn’t have to cut into (yay).

Westcott Omega 360 Reflector

choices choices

One thing that really attracted me to this reflector is the ability to have 3 different types of refection, gold, silver, white AND the cut out disk can be used independently as well as filling in the hole to make a complete standard reflector.

Also it can be used as a defuser and comes with a handy window hanger so you can work without an assistant or you can absorb the light with a black side to bring out shadows.

There are three different mini reflectors which velcro into the hole, black / gold – silver / white and a defuser, these slot into a separate compartment into the supplied bag.

best usecases

I think the type photographers to get the most out of this kind of reflector is very wide and varied, saying that portrait photographers will love this. I certainly have stopped cutting holes now I have the Westcott Omega 360 that’s for sure for my portraits and I would guess corporate headshot types might find this desirable to give a nice flat light. There is a square alternative that’s bigger but again the catch light isn’t as much fun in my opinion.

For macro work its killer although the smaller disks work great too, its a shame we don’t have a smaller option that 40″ so I guess you “could” cut a hole in the smaller reflectors if you really wanted but again I’d get a separate disk for that.

Without doubt wedding photographers too, they will love this. Being able to use this 10 different ways and killing off light with the small black disk is excellent and all in the same bag too.

Westcott Omega 360 Reflector
Westcott Omega 360 Reflector
Westcott Omega 360 Reflector
Westcott Omega 360 Reflector

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