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While there are bazillions of mobile phone apps claiming to help your photography, there have been a few that have stood out as some of the best.

From calculating focal distances, where to find stars for celestial photography and how long to set your exposure. We have you covered. Check out the 5 we recommend, read on.

HyperFocal (Free & Paid)

The must-have tool for the pro photographer to ensure perfect focus & zonScreenshot_20160903-230156e of sharpness which keeps out the guesswork of making sure you are tack-sharp when tethering isn’t an option.

With a well-designed, easy to use UI, you can easily configure your shooting parameters and view all the relevant focus information at one place. HyperFocal provides quick setup for calculating hyper-focal distance with depth of focus. It includes an advanced graphical representation of the shooting scene, for a quick & intuitive view of the information.

Well that’s what they say, and its very much true, however its worth trying to memorize and not slipping this app out in-front of clients. Practice using the app and then without, its a brilliant learning tool and worth the Pro upgrade. HyperFocal on Google Play

Once you enter your camera / lens combo you will be presented with a handy guide of your Depth of Field and your near and far limits of focus.

A trap many amateurs fall into is thinking a lens can work from any distance, guess what, it doesn’t.

Star Walk 2 (Free & Paid)

Star Walk 2 is an exquisite stargazing guide that combines astronomical data with premium technology to deliver an effortless journey through thousands of stars, comets, constellations, satellites, dwarf planets, moons, meteor showers, asteroids, deep sky objects, nebulae and galaxies.Screenshot_20160903-231051

All you have to do is point your device at the sky and the star map will get aligned with what you have in the night sky above you, after a short calibration process involving Google Maps that is. Download on Google Play.

So you’re thinking, whats this got to do with photography; Sometimes the milky way and alike are not always visible to the naked eye, this app will help you find them fast and with a decent level of accuracy too. Even if you are not shooting it is a great app to own in its own right. Enjoy !

Pin Point Stars (Free)

Shooting the stars has its problems, avoid the star trails for long exposures can ruin a shot. This handy app assumes you are shooting on a tripod (which you should be and have a remote shutter release and a camera with a bulb setting.

The 500 rule and 600 rule are outdated now for the new DSLRs. They held good for the film era. This application uses the new NPF rule to calculate the exposure times. It uses the Aperture, Focal length and most importantly the pixel size of the camera’s sensor to calculate the exposure times.

It uses a new formula which looks something like this…npf-simple60

So to save you remembering that catchy mathematical delight the app comes loaded with a database of 3600 cameras (and counting). No need to search for your camera’s resolution and the pixel size in microns to calculate the exposure times.

We tested it with the 10-20 lenses we have here across Sony and Nikon and the app got it right pretty much each time. Download on Google Play Great app.

Pocket Poser (Free & Paid)

The title of this app is a little off (as in weird), however the idea behind it is great for beginners working on portrait poses and composition of subjects. You select the basic information of your subject, body size, height etc and the app will suggest poses for you to simulate.

Descriptive “how-to” posing info accompany many of the poses describing step-by-step how the pose was constructed and common mistakes to avoid. Beginner and experienced photographers as well as those interested in modeling will find Pocket Poser Pro a valuable resource.

It’s good fun to use and has over 400 pro poses, we tried to go through them all and on the odd occasion we found the description to be a little heavy on detail; which could confuse the beginner so don’t think this would replace learning in a classroom or studio, but it will give you a great base. Pocket Poser is on the Google Play store here.

Exsate Golden Hour (Free)

Golden Hour is great, if you’re not familiar with it, its the tilighthouseme of day when the light is at its best for landscape photography.

Took this app for a test drive last year at Tarry Town, NY to shoot the lighthouse there with fantastic results. Exsate Golden Hour is very easy to use and doesn’t contain any ads.

The program is the advanced Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Dusk, Dawn calculator and many-many more. Must have for professionals, advanced amateurs or just for fun.

Helps for better planning, to calculate an appropriate shooting date and time to build a composition using the sun, moon, stars, daylight, night, season and weather conditions at any date-time and latitude-longitude point all over the world.

Download Exsate Golden Hour on Google Play


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