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The Only Alaska Bear Photography Tour You Need

As many of you know the last few years I have been developing a new course in Alaska, thankfully after many years of hard work I have managed to get one up and running. So why did I bother, I mean it’s not like there are 100’s of other courses and workshops already there fighting for my dollar and others.

That is true the competition in Alaska is strong, many tour operators trading on their previous achievements to promote their tours. Various documentary makers also have tours that give you an idea of where they shoot. Why wouldn’t you take these tours ? They sound great.

During my research I found there to be a few type of tours, the hurried place to place 10 day tour where you do not get a chance to take much in other than hey look there are some animals and move onto the next location; others are stay in one place for 3 days and move on again to a less interesting place normally because its cheaper for the tour operator.

New Course : New Ideas

I wanted to make something totally interactive which is why my new Alaska Bear Photography Cruise is built around making it so everybody gets to progress their photography in a small group setting. Limited to just 5 people rather than the hurried larger group tours, I found the interaction increased to the benefit of all aboard our boat and the editing session the last day.

Plus the experience of the sea-plane is shared, so we can fit everyone into one plane the excitement is a truly bonding experience, especially with Katmai National Park underneath us as we make our way from Kodiak to our hidden away boat.  It’s there where we will spend 5 days with food included and landings by skiff to be within feet of bears.

It’s not all about me either, I have a team that truly know Alaska all year round. They are my eyes and ears for animal and bear movements when I’m away from Alaska, after all I’m not a local. So I utilize the best there is to help me deliver the best course and experience possible.

The team give me a great idea where we can find the bears, whales and other native land and marine wildlife that will put on a show for us during the Alaska Bear Photography Workshop.


Here is a dirty little secret some tour operators don’t want you to know, you could be sharing locations with 100’s of other photographers and tourists with their iPhones waiting almost inline to get the perfect shot in the short time they are there. It’s a hurried experience that will take the shine off any costly tour, and costly it is too.

The difference is the workshop we put together doesn’t do any of that, you will reach places far away from the crowds and get maximum time with bears that are just feet away (sometimes Wolves too). Once of the added benefits of having locals and the group being small is we are the master of our own destiny; meaning we can spend time looking for landing sites that’s totally unique for us.

All bookings for 2019 are now full but you can still book for 2020 and beyond, click the button below and get more details on this fantastic tour. Hope to see you all in Alaska soon !


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