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Panasonic Lumix S1R at CES 2019

16 Jan: 2019 The Year of Mirrorless

2019 is going to be a big year for mirrorless cameras, both Nikon and Canon will be fleshing out their lens line up for their new cameras but we will see the likes of Lumix and Sigma release brand new full frame cameras that on paper at least look dynamite. So what is next for DSLR ? Does it have a future still ? Or are we seeing so much fire that 2020 will be the year DSLR gets its notice ?
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07 Mar: Mirrorless Camera Most Wanted

My on-off-on and off again love affair with Sony E-Mount or Mirrorless cameras in general is well documented. However in case you missed it, there are a few draw backs that stop me from jumping two footed into the world of mirrorless and burning all my A-Mount gear in the street outside B&H. So, rather than go on a another rant I'm thinking positive that one day mirrorless will be king once Nikon and Canon bring out decent rivals to Sony and Fuji cameras superb line of cameras.