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A great basis of a starter portfolio and the experience of posing a model in a studio environment using MagMod flash and or professional studio lighting. All essential for basic studio work and working with other pros. There will be a full production of your portfolio, a make up artist; model and stylist (subject to date and class size).

All pictures from your shoot including an overview with notes of the topics shown during your practical shot. Images will come unedited and in RAW format so you can practice editing through Capture One or Lightroom.

Course literature will all be yours to take home once the course has completed.

All classes are held in New York City

two Sessions to choose from OR ALL DAY

1/2 DAY
AM Studio Session
3 Hours
1/2 DAY
PM Studio Session
3 Hours
both sessions
Studio Session
7 Hours


Session One will cover the basics of a photography studio, anatomy of lighting, how to set up for basic portraits, head-shots and how to overcome common errors. Some camera setup will be covered and with each session each student will gain enough hands-on experience that will enable each photographer to go home and start shooting  portraits for themselves. Course material will be provided to take home too.

This is a great way for a beginner photographer to learn studio photography.

In Session Two we concentrate on a few technical details like setting your color temperature and how to identify different light sources etc. Learn how to pose and communicate with an experienced model, create two point intimate portraits and much more. 

Plus there is more hands-on photography experience in session two, so if you’re more interested in getting some shooting done then this session is for you. Tethering is included for this session. 

This is a great way for a beginner photographer to gain experience on a live photography set. 

4 Point learning process


Learn 3 to 5 Light Set Ups for shooting portraits using various lights and modifiers such as soft box, umbrella combined with common speed-lights and snoots from MagMod as well as using studio strobes from Elinchrom and Godox.

You will spend around an hour being walked through set ups before we start playing with lighting scenarios.

Photography Pros will be there to guide you.


You will learn how to pose a model in basic portraits used within the glamour, fashion and commercial industries.

A model pro will be on site to help you and the subject to create great shots for your beginner portfolio.

Depending on class size around an hour is spent on posing and working with a professional model as well as how to professionally interact with them.


This is where the magic happens, you will be shown how to meter, use a gray card to get great exposure every time while tethering to view your results and help improve each shot.

Also technical set up of remote triggers and how they can interface with your camera.

Around an hour is spent covering the hardware.

workshop and practice

In the afternoon session we start to shoot, 3 hours is spent on creating the lighting and making super images for you to edit after the photography workshop has ended. 

During the session the camera will be tethered to a computer using Capture One where you will learn about on the fly editing and image adjustment as well as practicing posing the model. 

This session will give you the core skills to practice when you get home. 

Pre requisite Skills Needed

While we are happy to host people that have never picked up a camera before we do ask you have an understanding of the Manual settings on your camera. Understanding the relationship between ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture is advantageous and will reduce the level of questions throughout the course as the focus will be more on the studio equipment rather than the camera itself.

If you would like to book a session before hand then get in touch by clicking here and we can get you up to speed the day before the class.


Stuart Beeby
Class of 2016

Dan is a very professional and knowledgeable photographer who has helped me develop my skills as a photographer. He offers very well structured courses, which are backed up with lots of useful content and information to take away.

Tim Thudium
Class of 2016

I recently took Dan’s Intro to Studio Photography workshop. Dan is very eager to help others learn and progress and is very considerate when asked questions or promoted for further clarification. I would highly recommend Dan for anyone looking to learn professional Photography and also as an expert level photographer in many genres he is a deep well of knowledge waiting to be tapped.
He advised me on a recent shoot I organized and was instrumental in ensuring I not only got the right lighting but also in getting the best shots. I will not hesitate to reach out to Dan again whenever I have the need for advice.

NicoleDMLP 4535s
Dani Marie
Class of 2016

Dan gave a private photography lesson to a teen I mentor and he was absolutely fantastic! He is very professional and provided us with an abundance of information. He went above and beyond giving us materials to use as a future guide, bringing multiple cameras and lenses to learn and use, he focused on what her interests were and was very enjoyable and patient to learn from. He accommodated our schedule and location making it easy for us and followed up the same day after our lesson. Dan ended up not only being a teacher but an inspiration to us in his profession. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone for lessons or for any type of photography hire as he is very knowledgeable. Thanks Dan!

Beginner Photographer
Savi Pavlichenko
Class of 2017

I took the full day class photography studio workshop in Brooklyn and learned so much information. Really helped me as a beginner photographer to learn so much about lighting, studio equipment and gaining skills to grow. I would love to be a professional photographer one day and this course really gave me a great taste, good job Dan !

Travel photography national geographic
Mark Brown
Travel Photographer

I have been on a few different shoots with Dan. Landscape, astro, as well as model shoots. I find him to be very knowledgeable and the shoots are well planned to get the most out of the time together. Questions are answered in a straight forward manner with just enough supporting information so you really understand. Best of all, his personality makes the shoots fun! Great experiences!


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