One of the best things I do in the studio is try and find new ways to get great soft light, especially something which can easily be replicated on the road when you are away from the creature comforts of your studio.

Since cutting holes into a reflector and shooting through that onto a large octobox; I wanted to see if I could use my Elinchrom modifiers on the road and have studio quality softness rather than a harsh light from a modified speed-light.

I’m pleased to report that I found a way to do it, plus it’s super simple, I’ll assume you already have an Elinchrom light modifier at this point.

Before I carry on, this method below is supplied as is, and of course at your own risk, if you break something then that’s on you ?

What You Need..

You will need to invest a few dollars in getting this method working and note this same method could apply to many other light modifiers on the market however in this case I’m ONLY talking about speed lights, or flash combined with Elinchrom.

Firstly you will need a Flash Mount Bracket like this one from Godox – cost is around $40, be warned it takes a while to arrive. The construction is plastic so no hanging a 60” deep dish octobox off it, as I suspect it won’t like it much more than a 53” shallow Rotalux which we tested with. Hopefully you already have a light stand, if not buy one.

You will need a MagMod basic kit and Sphere available here which costs around $100 (use code “danmlee” at checkout for a discount).

Make sure you mount the Flash, in this case a Metz Af1-64, to the Godox Bracket Holder before you slip the MagMod magnetic sleeve on, otherwise you are probably going to break your flash trying to get it into the Bracket.

Now you have the ability to defuse the light close to the flash which means no horrid hot spot in the center of the light source which is typical of a solution like this, it’s now a nicely defused light instead. You do not need to fit the internal baffle inside the Elinchrom modifier / softbox as the MagMod is doing that job now. Just load up the softbox as you would to a strobe head.

Soft Light

Once done you now have super soft, even light right across the entire light box, it’s staggering the difference between using the bare bulb + internal baffle vs the MagMod combo. I will update this blog post once I get some more shots from inside the studio but wanted to share this cool method with you asap.


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