I’m pleased to announce a body of my work will be on display at Rockaway Roasters, Queens for the next few months from 1st August 2018.

On display will be some of my travel photography, photojournalism and much more. If you see something you like then pick up some art available from $110 which is an exclusive price to this gallery, re-prints are always available by request. If you are a local photographer then pop by and pick up one of the limited vouchers for discounts off Think Tank bags.

Additional art work will be added over the course of the first few days, so grab a wonderful cup of coffee and enjoy my photography.


Hope to see you there.

Available to view from August 1st to September 30th

Rockaway Roasters Art Gallery Featuring Dan M Lee

where to find rockaway roasters


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Very nice! Congratulations!

Congratulations. I love all the framed portraits on the wall.

I had to restrict myself for putting a lot of portrait and commercial photography work up on the wall. Have plenty of lovely landscape photography from Rockaway and overseas too

Super cool! Congratulations!

Thank you Aurora, hope you enjoy it.

That is super cool! Congratulations.

Wow this is really amazing! All the best. I hope you are able to share your work with a lot of perspective buyers.

That is very very cool and it looks so nice! Congratulations!

Congratulations, that is so awesome. And it’s a really beautiful display.

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