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Almost every photographer is doing something out of habit, rather than trying to improve back end methods, marketing, SEO and many other areas that not only save time and money but make your business more streamline. Once you have all your ducks in a row you will have more time to concentrate on doing the things you do best, being a photographer.

From the very start we will build a picture of your business together, how you get clients, marketing, SEO, take a look at your work flow and of course some of the financials. Piecing it all together to find out how you operate and look for ways to improve and set goals in achieving a better working ethos.

Many photographers fail in the first 3 years of starting their business as they forget or ignore the fundamentals that make a profitable business. Being able to identify the difference between profit and salary is also key to success, again something which is confused and overlooked.

If you’re in this situation then read on, find out how I can help you turn a profit and streamline your photography or studio business.

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your business in focus

Focusing on these areas of your business


Marketing (inbound and outbound)

Social Media Management

Advertising (digital and print)

Systems Management


Revenue Pipeline

Business Training for Photographers Dan M Lee Photography
Winning at photography business

turning loss into profit

Monthly meetings (physical or over the web) can last as long or as short as needed. All that you pay is a specified number of hours or if you prefer packages of one hour consultations so we can create an action plan for you to move forward with your photography business. However to ensure maximum impact the more time spent the better the results.

Everyone has a different goal and plan but the routes offer wildly different paths, with guidance we can plot a route to a successful profitable photography business.

tools to help you grow

Some marketing and back office tools are essential to success, without them the chances of survival reduce. Of course this can impact your bottom line in the early years so knowing when to deploy them and knowing your market is critical to your photography business future.

Learn how to use sales tools, marketing platforms and monitor your revenue pipeline, so get the edge on the competition by doing things the right way, not the same way. There maybe additional costs for some of the options available to you so consider how much you want to spend and we can build a plan around that. Not everyone has the same amount of dollars to invest in their business growth and we can make a plan fit to your available capital.

With each review of your business mechanics we can together improve your photography business, hopefully yielding results for a more sustainable income.

Grow Your Instagram Followers

Build your Instagram followers

Many photographers see Instagram as a method of growing their business, seeing their work being spread on the social media behemoth is key within their business model. For $100 a month your Instagram social media account can grow through targeting competitor accounts and their followers to increase you user base and potentially engagement.

Through strategic growth the chances of new followers staying engaged increases which is avoids your profile being plagued with “bots” that can damage your brand.

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