Best of CES Las Vegas 2019

best of CES 2019

Las Vegas hosted the the jewel in its convention crown this week where over 150,000 tech lovers gathered to view new products on display from startups to the monolith style companies like LG and Panasonic. I made the annual pilgrimage this year and compiled a list of products that made the “Best of” for 2019, some you will never be able to afford, but most you can. Check out the videos and images from this year.


Panasonic / Lumix

Panasonic’s Lumix brand has never really inspired me as I don’t shoot much video, which it’s lime excels at. However that is about to change as their new Lumix S1R, their first full frame mirrorless looks absolutely stonking. Lumix are going to have two cameras one aimed at stills the other at video, nothing new here but what I do like about the new Lumix S1R is the button layout, taking queues from Nikon and Sony with it’s design language it really feels natural to hold and use. While there was only a pre-production mock up of the actual camera the design is final. Top LCD display (yes) and the LCD screen is rumored to fold back on itself as well which ticks off some of the major gripes I have with some mirrorless brands. 3 lenses will be available at launch.


LG had a HUGE, and I mean huge display at CES this year with one of the most impactful entrance displays I’ve ever seen too, the multi panel OLED screens displaying some scenic b-roll from tress to waterfalls and other awesome landscapes which literally halted anyone entering LG’s booth for a few moments to look in wonder.

Just inside LG had a cluster of home products but it was their folding TV that rolled into its base that was the key highlight here. Check out the video below to see it in action.

While their Smartwatch W7 has been out for a little while it’s worth a mention because its one of the best designed and longer lasting smartwatch wearable on the market right now. With over 100+ hours of standby power in reserve it truly lasts the test of time.


I found the Doppel in the Eureka Park section at CES which is for startups and new business to show off their wears on mini booths. “Feel Doppel” is a wearable which doesn’t tell the time or track your movements, it’s actually designed to reduce stress by mimicking the your heartbeat. So when you are feeling stressed your heart rate is elevated, however switch the Doppel on and set it to pulse at say 68 and you will start to feel more relaxed as the device pulses just like a heartbeat white attached to the underside of your wrist tricking your body into thinking you are actually relaxed.

Now I had serious reservations about it but during the demo I received it felt like it worked when the pulse was dropped from 120 to 60 odd, the feeling of calm was certainly there.

Order can be places NOW for around $200 via their website Doppel

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