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Learn Studio Photography for Beginners

Know your flash from your strobe and snoot from your grid. Learn it all in a structured class with a professional photographer in a studio setting

Strobe & flash Light Set Up

Learn 3 to 5 Light Set Ups for shooting portraits using various lights and modifiers such as soft box, umbrella combined with common speed-lights and snoots from MagMod.

You will spend around an hour being walked through set ups.

Photography Pros will be there to guide you.

Work With PRO Models

You will learn how to pose a model in basic portraits used within the glamour, fashion and commercial industries.

A model pro will be on site to help you and the subject to create great shots for your beginner portfolio.

Depending on class size; an hour is spent on posing and working with a professional model.

Equipment Set Up & USAGE

This is where the magic happens, you will be shown how to meter, use a gray card to get great exposure every time while tethering to view your results and help improve each shot.

Also technical set up of remote triggers and how they can interface with your camera.

Around an hour is spent covering the hardware.

What You Need & What you don't

Doesn't matter if you use Nikon, Canon or Sony Alpha; you will be given guidance that can apply to all cameras.

You don't need to be a the worlds best photographer. This course will give you a taste of what's needed to create studio lighting.

So feel free to bring your camera, an open mind and an ability to learn.


What You Get

A great basis of a starter portfolio and the experience of posing a model in a studio environment using MagMod flash or professional studio lighting. All essential for basic studio work and working with other pros. There will be a full production of your portfolio, a make up artist; model and stylist (subject to date and class size).

All pictures from your shoot including an overview with notes of the topics shown during your practical shot. Images will come unedited and in RAW format so you can practice editing through Capture One or Lightroom.

Course literature will all be yours to take home once the course has completed.

All classes are held in New York City

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What students say

Proudly using MagMod flash modifiers in class