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Travel is a huge passion of mine and love story telling through my lens. Creating a narrative for your words or story though images.

Assignments are welcome from all media, agency and marketing outlets.

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Your day is a special one, and I’d love to capture those moments you will treasure forever. My photography will record the narrative of your wedding in a journalistic style that the bride and groom will keep close to their hearts.

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Available for commercial work and assignments across the globe working with media personalities and brands. I can also shoot product on-location or in a studio.

All owned lighting is highly portable and can shoot anywhere.

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Taken from various indoor and outdoor gigs and festivals both sides of the pond. I have been shooting music events for many years and consider it to be my specialty.

I shoot gigs large and small, festivals and intimate shows in New Jersey, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens too. Let your band and performance glow through my lens.


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Shooting from since I could hold a camera, my first job was working in a photography store in England while at school. I went on and gained experience in music event and limited light photography from street to landscapes to sports and anything in between.

Now as a 40something living in New York City, I’m building my client base and adding wedding photography to my portfolio with my special blend of journalism, and candid photography. A style I have developed over the years which has given me some photography to be proud of.

Corporate clients need a photographer that can maintain brand awareness in every shot for their event or commercial message for their product; something I can deliver.

Private clients want a photographer that doesn’t get in the way of their enjoyment but still captures those fun or cherished moments that live on forever through my images; a challenge that’s fun to meet.

I very much enjoy shooting for sports events and hoping to continue doing that in New York.

Please note I’m also fully insured to shoot any venue or event.

If you would like to support my work I would love to invite you to become an Official Patron https://www.patreon.com/danmleephotography

You can read more about me in my interview with Connecticut Online Interview


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